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What a STAIN! want to be a free searcher of tips, explications or guides of ways to clean all of the common stains. Add, the application have a section for rate the best tips. Rating where What a STAIN! doesn't take part on the result and it will try to follow and erase the fraud.
Some link can be broken, tell us if you find any!.
All of the tips in our index are propierty of other people, so, What a STAIN! wont be responsible of the consequencies of the tips can do.


From What a STAIN! we search the user contribution. If you have some tip for share we will publish in our index. Send us your tip using the contact form. We will need the next data:
- title
- author or main website where is the tip
- direct link
- explication or advance
If you dont have any website, What a STAIN! can save your tips in his servers. Simply tell us in your message.

About the tips:
We deman two essential requeriments:
1 - you must be the owner of the tip
2 - the subject must be similar to our pages: we love football... but a tip of this subject it isn't for us.

About the publication:
We reserve the right to publish the tip depending of the minimum requeriments. About the time of publication, What a STAIN! will try to solve and publish your tip so fast as possible and you will receive a contirmation by e-mail when the tip will be online.


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- You must attribute the work by the author.
- You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
- You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
For more information follow this link: Creative Commons License
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