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How to Remove Watercolor Paint Stains


Whether done by a four-year-old or an established artist, a watercolor painting can add beautiful color to a room. Less attractive are the stains paints can leave behind. Follow th...

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 How to Remove Watercolor Paint Stains Picture by: tanakawho


Our CleanEz is not only safe to use on all surfaces to remove paint it also works far faster than turpentine. Turpentine generally removes paint stains on most surfaces. Do remembe...

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Remove Paint from Fabrics


Remove excess paint from fabric. Spray hairspray on fabric. Let hairspray sit for 1-2 minutes. Scrub gently with a sponge or scrub-brush on stain until paint is gone. If paint is ...

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How To Clean Paint from Brick


Brick is a very porous material. Many paints and coatings "soak in" to brick or concrete, and this can make them difficult to remove. If the paint is primarily on the surface...

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Get Paint Stains out of Clothing


Do not put water on it. The stain will lock in. If you have access to a washing machine, use it! If the stain still hasnīt come out and your shirt is white, use bleach. Carpet Cle...

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Latex Paint Stain Removal


biodegradable and water based paint removal product. It removes the following: latex low gloss, latex semi gloss, latex high gloss, paint overspray, sealer/primer stain, latex ae...

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How to Clean Oil Paint Stains


a petroleum based, commercially and industrially proven formulation that can effectively remove such items as: oil stains, adhesives, bumper stickers, chewing gum, pencil marks, ...

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How To Clean Finger Paint


General Info:Be sure to check the helpful hints for the Doīs and Donīts of stain removal and Six Sure Ways to Set Stains.Tools & Chemicals:Dish washing or fine fabric detergent, wh...

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